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ETROMAC Units electro-magnetically treat water passing through the device to prevent the formation of scale and to eliminate existing scale. The proper electro-magnetic force fields re-ionize the molecular particles of the minerals which form scale so that they no longer have the capability to combine as scale.

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The phenomenon that strong magnetic forces have no electrical charges of atoms, which is the force that holds molecules together, has been investigated extensively. The proper electro-magnetic force fields re-ionize the positive and negative atomic charges so that they no longer can hold the mineral molecules together to from large molecules that then adhere to metal surfaces as scale.

ETROMAC Units sized properly for each system will increase equipment life and allow equipment to operate more efficiently by eliminating scale. These units reduce chemical costs by eliminating the need to combat scale chemically. They reduce labor costs and the danger of handling and storing chemicals. With electro-magnetic water treatment, energy costs can be significantly reduced, depending upon the magnitude of the scaling problem. Electro-magnetic water treatment is also environmentally neutral and non-polluting. It has also been found that ETROMAC treated water deposits a protective film wherever the water passes and this helps protect against corrosion.

ETROMAC Units are used to eliminate scaling problem in cooling towers and other air-conditioning equipment, boilers, water heaters, and various industrial equipment - where it is used. ETROMAC Units are also used successfully in mines where scaling is a very serious problem, as well as in oil industry application where ETROMAC helps to reduce paraffin build-up in piping.

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ETROMAC Units are easy to install on existing water lines or on by-passes. The ETROMAC system is a remotely controlled power supply with automatic regulation, which draws a minimal amount of power consumption to provide necessary electro-magnetic energy to prevent scaling.

ETROMAC Units offer advantages over other methods of water treatment.

  • Power and fuel costs are significantly reduced by improved heat transfer.
  • Operating costs are reduced by eliminating purchase, storage, handling injection and costs of chemical water treatment.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced by eliminating acid cleaning and rodding out scale from operating equipment.

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