ETROMAC, this innovative Electro- magnetic Water Treatment Unit, is a product created in Boston, USA in 1973 for development of pollution projects.


waterfall3 While the research and development of scale built-up in water treatment by electro-magnetic system have been schieved to the goal of benefit, continuous saving in maintenance time, energy consumption and production cost, despite pollution free.
In 1975, manufactured and distributed the electro-magnetic water treatment units with highly visible on the scale formation solving. Unlike principal of chemical procedure, the high technology of electro-magnetism can fully protect the scale formation and reduce the old scale build-up without any pollution affect. The development of their products do not stand still, the advances in the field of electro-magnetic hydrodynamics now make possible the production of electro-magnetic units with far superior power fields.

etromac machines
Why have you accepted to pay for pollution? One of the reasons which the clients chose ETROMAC was the cost associated with chemical cleaners. Besides the on-going financial consideration involved with handling, metering and storing chemicals. There is also potential cost involved if chemicals inadvertently contaminate fresh water or products. These costs disappear with the ETROMAC system.

Although the main operation is still in domestic market, ETROMAC, Inc. has exported Electo-magnetic Water Treatment Units to the worldwide market since 1979, and after, there are many authorized distributors covering all regions around the world.

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