Once again "Earth Day" activities have underscored the importance of environmentally clean non-chemical industrial processing procedures.

In industrial water treatment applications, the ETROMAC electro-magnetic scale prevention system completely meets the need for efficient, effective protection of wells, streams, canals and rivers from chemical contamination...at dramatic daily cost savings!


ETROMACis, today, firmly established as one of the leading non-chemical, non-polluting mineral scale prevention systems in the worldwide marketplace. In both dosmestic and international markets ETROMAC system is now being used to prevent costly scale build-up in a full range of applications from auto, textiles and glass production to poultry, food, other manufacturing industries and buildings.

Because the ETROMAC electro-magnetic system has many advantages over any other scale prevention method, it ideally suits for use in water cooled compressors, heat exchangers, induction furnaces, evaporators, cooling towers, chillers and condensers. Specialized uses include ground water heat pumps, boilers, hot water heat systems and distilled water production.


ETROMAC units are built to highest quality standards, completely warranted for materials, workmanship and long-life performance...in water line sizes from 1/2 to 30". And because there is no need for on-going maintenance, chemical additives or descaling downtime...the first cost is the last.

Nowadays, when the protection of natural resources is of prime concern, use of the non-polluting ETROMAC system helps to successfully meet principal environmental objectives.

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